About Us

About Us

Nicoletta’s Table is an authentic Italian Restaurant, Deli and Marketplace, located in downtown Lake Oswego, Oregon. We offer homemade pastas, pizzas and salads as well as an Italian marketplace where one can purchase fresh cut to order pasta, a variety of antipasti and Italian meats and cheeses.  Nicoletta's Table is based on the Italian concept of a trattoria and small neighborhood market. The restaurant combines Italy's rustic charm and the Pacific Northwest's vibrancy while serving authentic Italian food.  The Torriti family, Giuseppe and Nicoletta of Cortona, Italy are the inspiration for Nicoletta's Table and Marketplace. The Torriti's are dear family friends whose love of excellent, quality Tuscan food and wine is unparalleled. 

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Alan and Shari Newman

Nicoletta’s Table and Marketplace is owned by Lake Oswego locals, Alan and Shari Newman. Shari and Alan met in 2003 and their love affair with Italy and the Italian life style began while they stayed in Mulino a Vento in 2004 and met Beppe and Nicoletta. In 2005, Al and Shari honeymooned in the Piedmonte region, and have spent several months in Cortona, Tuscany, each year since. It was in the hills of Tuscany that they fell in love with the Italian flair for combining wonderful food and wine with family and friends. Together, their love of life, family, dear friends, entertaining, and Italian food and wine led them to create Nicoletta’s Table.


CHEF Michael

Michael Barefoot is our Executive chef of expansion and new channels and the executive chef at Nicoletta’s Caffe. He is a self-taught chef. Mr. Barefoot's introduction to cuisine came in the way of his television. When other kids were watching Saturday cartoons, Michael was watching the cooking shows on the Food Network. He was raised on fried bologna sandwiches, fried chicken, baked beans and collards, traditional foods from his home state of North Carolina. But Michael wasn’t satisfied with these simple dishes and started “taking it up a notch” in his home kitchen. He would take recipes from Emeril Lagasse and other celebrity chefs on TV and recreate them for his family.

“My family was my test kitchen. I would write down recipes I saw chefs make on TV and then try them out that night. It was my way of giving back to my family. I still love cooking for them when they come to visit.”

Michael has worked in a variety of kitchens since moving to Oregon. From simple brew pubs and running a kitchen for a retirement home to catering for large hotels. He came to Nicoletta’s Table in 2014 and started as a prep cook and learned the secrets of fine Italian dining from executive chef Victor Lopez.


Chef Victor- executive Chef

Executive Chef Victor Lopez started his career like many famous people in the restaurant industry; in the dish pit.  At the tender age of 16, Mr. Lopez started working as a dishwasher at a very popular and highly regarded Italian restaurant on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles called Angeli Caffe.  The owner and well known, celebrity chef Evan Kleiman took Victor under her wing and taught him everything from desserts to complex Italian main dishes.  He worked his way up to head chef and served in that capacity until 1999. He then went on to serve as head chef at Prego Restaurant in Beverly Hills before moving his family to Oregon in 2011.  

“I was inspired to become a chef by my grandmother.  One of my fondest childhood memories is cutting vegetables with her to make her vegetable soup, still my favorite dish.”

Victor moved his family to Oregon to be with family and had executive chef positions at several restaurants before finding a home at Nicoletta’s Table in 2013.  “Nicoletta’s Table reminds me of Angeli Caffe.  Both restaurants are/were committed to using fresh local ingredients and creating traditional Italian dishes.   I have found my home here.”